Friday, December 9, 2011

Wedding Photography Tips

(yes, this is me and my fiance:)

1.      Bring friends to help with your bridals but make sure they aren’t a distraction. I brought my two best friends and some of the best pictures are the ones that they were making me laugh or smile in. My photographer and my girls made me feel beautiful as they complimented me and got excited about particularly great shots during my bridals.
Your girls can also be in charge of fly away control, dress adjustments, reapplication of lip gloss monitoring, necessary make up fixes etc.

2.   When your man starts to get tired and his smile starts drooping during your engagement shoot, tell him that after the shoot is done you are going to feed him his favorite meal. This will renew his energy, the smile will come back and you will get your full money’s worth in your engagement pictures. It’s magic.
3.   Bring a sheet. Would you rather dirty an old sheet or your beautiful wedding dress? Lay the sheet down over any potentially damaging surface, stand on it and then have your assistant or photographer fold it under your dress.

4.    Sorry girls but this next one is a must. Do your homework. I did lots of homework on photographers. If you are in the Rexburg area and needing pictures I am now going to save you that lots of homework. Tara Photographics is a gem. Her rates are a steal for the quality that she produces. I highly recommend her. She is full of energy, oober talented and makes you feel like a million bucks. Check out her blog at
Talk with different photographers and don’t just pick the price and talent but the personality. It makes a difference!
5.   If you are having your hair and makeup done, give yourself plenty of time and experiment with it beforehand. (Stay posted for a new post coming soon on different wedding day hair styles:)

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