Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Shedding Some Light on the Subject

Lighting makes a huge difference in any space. It has the ability to take a house and turn it into home, providing a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere. I feel that lamps do the job best. Here are some fun ways to incorporate lamps into your space.

Accent Lamps
 Purchase a wine glass (this doesn’t have to be pricey, dollar store even) and tea lamps. Using fabric, adhesive spray and construction paper, follow the pattern here and cut the shape out of construction paper. Then, use the construction paper as a template to trace the pattern onto the fabric. Cut the fabric out and if you have some anti-fray, apply that to the raw edges of your fabric. Stick the fabric to the construction paper using the adhesive spray and glue the two sides together with hot glue.

Lamp shade makeover
Recovering a lampshade with fabric, spray adhesive, hot glue gun and some trim. Since you won’t be able to see the lamp shade after you’ve given it a facelift, it doesn’t matter what it looks like underneath. In other words, shop thrift stores for your lamp shade!

Fixing your florescent light fixture
If your apartment or home has florescent light fixtures first of all, I’m sorry. These have the tendency to make you feel that you are back at your office or in a classroom, the last things that home should feel like. Here is a easy fix: buy cream tissue paper and lay it in the bottom of the light cover, making sure it lays flat. This will take the light from appearing florescent to feeling homier.

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