Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Dish

My fiancé’s name is Michael. I love Michael, he is perfect, almost. I say almost because Michael has a little problem, he has a tendency to lose his keys, wallet and phone almost on a daily basis. This makes getting out of the house quite the task. Can you relate? Here is a solution, it is called: The Dish.
 Spend a few bucks on a decorative dish/bowl and put it in one of your home’s high traffic areas. Our Dish will reside on the top of an amour in the entrance. This is where Michael puts his things upon coming in and picks them up upon leaving. Ask me if the Dish will be your best friend. Girls, the Dish will be your best friend. The Dish can also be home to any little items that prove to clutter your space or that need to be remembered on your way out the door.

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