Thursday, September 13, 2012

Little Lights That Make a Big Difference: Sneaky Accent Lighting Secret

So you know the extra space above your cupboards in your kitchen? Don’t put your cereal there! We can do better than that. Grab some white Christmas lights and lay them down on top (make sure there is a little lip so that they cannot be seen). I took a brown cord with an outlet attachment on one end and ran it real sneaky like down the side of my brown cupboards and plugged it into an outlet. Aaaaaaaah (heavnly singing) Let there be light! You now have expensive looking accent lighting for what, 8 bucks? (And chances are your mom has Christmas lights in storage she doesn’t use). Accent lighting makes your space 50 times nicer to be in and gives an outdated apartment kitchen some great umph with mood lighting!

Our little kitchen, you might not be able to hear the angles singing in this picture taken with my silly camera but trust me, they start singing every time I turn those lights on. Makes me happy!

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