Monday, November 7, 2011

Shoes to Die For

The Model Pair:

My DIY Shoes:

Now before you get excited about these shoes there is something you should know, they are $350. Upon seeing these Victorian beauties I fell in love. I had to have them but my wallet told me, “Girl, there is now way.” So! I am making them! Before you think I am crazy let me tell you how doable it actually is.
Purchase some plain flats, I was able to find some ivory lace ones. They had a detail on the front that I just unpicked.
Hit up some antique shops, ask them if they have any lace/doilies, more likely than not they will direct you to a corner where piles of lace doilies reside. I found some trim for my shoes as well as some lace ribbon to appliqué to the surface.
Collect pendants, beads, rhinestones, pearls etc. similar to the ones on these shoes. You can find these in jewelry shops, antique shops, craft stores etc. These can be on earrings, necklaces, bracelets whatever, you can disassemble them with a wire cutter.
Purchase a strong fabric glue, anti-fray liquid, and some ivory or white thread.
Go at it! Anti-fray all raw material edges, use fabric glue to adhere it to the shoe and reinforce with small stitches. Glue your treasures onto the toe, use thread to reinforce where necessary (on beads/pendants with holes).
In conclusion: By making these shoes I will be able to have the self satisfaction of having created my own wedding shoes to marry my sweetheart in and have a very special conversation piece and heirloom to pass onto my children.

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