Thursday, September 13, 2012

Little Lights That Make a Big Difference: Sneaky Accent Lighting Secret

So you know the extra space above your cupboards in your kitchen? Don’t put your cereal there! We can do better than that. Grab some white Christmas lights and lay them down on top (make sure there is a little lip so that they cannot be seen). I took a brown cord with an outlet attachment on one end and ran it real sneaky like down the side of my brown cupboards and plugged it into an outlet. Aaaaaaaah (heavnly singing) Let there be light! You now have expensive looking accent lighting for what, 8 bucks? (And chances are your mom has Christmas lights in storage she doesn’t use). Accent lighting makes your space 50 times nicer to be in and gives an outdated apartment kitchen some great umph with mood lighting!

Our little kitchen, you might not be able to hear the angles singing in this picture taken with my silly camera but trust me, they start singing every time I turn those lights on. Makes me happy!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

15 Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas

1. Having a vintage themed wedding? Find an old type writer, insert a piece of extra long paper (color of your choice) and let guests type their messages on it. The couple can then roll the paper up into a scroll, tie it with a ribbon and win the award for Most Creative Sign In Book Idea.

2. Who said it has to be a book? Provide baby envelopes and little slips of paper that the guest can stick in a beautiful vase or other form of collector.

3.      Line the inside of a blank photo album with little envelopes and provide bits of card stock that guests can insert in.

4.      Get creative. Provide stickers, stamps and different colored pens and papers maybe even wallet sized pictures of the couple, to construct a creative card.

5. Using an ordinary sign in book, attach envelopes onto the pages inside (these can be different colors/sizes etc.) and then provide different stationary bits for your guests to write on. Guests can then tuck their notes and well wishes into the inside of the envelopes. On the opposing page I would attach a bridal/engagement picture.

6.      Using cards from an address file, have guests write down their wishes for the couple and then file them alphabetically. (Example: Happiness. Filed under the letter H)

7.      Have someone in charge of taking Polaroid pictures of the guests as they walk in. After the picture is taken, have them insert them into self adhesive photo corners in the sign in book and write a note next to it.

8.      Guests write letters on provided stationary and stick them in decorated mailbox.

9.      Have guests write well wishes on a piece of quilt fabric with permanent fabric markers. These can then be sewed together as a quilt for the couple.

10.  Have guests submit a wish they have for the couple in one jar and then have them take a wish that the couple have previously written down for them in another jar. Its like fortune cookies but better!

11.  Guest Tree. :) Slips of paper strung with ribbon.

12.  Instead of having a sign in book, have a sign in scroll. This provides a very regal and elegant feel right off the bat as guests walk into the reception.

13.  Create a heirloom. Get a guest book that has plenty of pages and have guests write personal notes in it. Later, you can bring it out for your 50th wedding anniversary and have guests write notes again. If the book is large enough, your children can then do the same thing with the same book.

14.  Using a coffee table book that has to do with your theme, honeymoon, or interests, have guests write down their thoughts in the margins.

15.  Have guests write their names on a vintage map. The map can be of the whole world, the place the couple will be honeymooning etc. The map can then be framed afterwards for a beautiful and sentimental addition to the couple’s home.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Dish

My fiancé’s name is Michael. I love Michael, he is perfect, almost. I say almost because Michael has a little problem, he has a tendency to lose his keys, wallet and phone almost on a daily basis. This makes getting out of the house quite the task. Can you relate? Here is a solution, it is called: The Dish.
 Spend a few bucks on a decorative dish/bowl and put it in one of your home’s high traffic areas. Our Dish will reside on the top of an amour in the entrance. This is where Michael puts his things upon coming in and picks them up upon leaving. Ask me if the Dish will be your best friend. Girls, the Dish will be your best friend. The Dish can also be home to any little items that prove to clutter your space or that need to be remembered on your way out the door.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Hanging Pine Cone Décor

This is a beautiful winter wonderland piece. All it takes is a collection of pine cones, a Styrofoam sphere, thread, hot glue and these have been dusted with white to give a frosted look. Three of these of differing sizes would look beautiful hanging in the corner on different levels.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Doily Candle Holders

These make for beautiful accent décor at an event or in your home. They only require sugar, water, a balloon, doilies and aluminum foil.
Mix 3/4 cup granulated sugar and 1/4 cup water in a pan and heat on low on stove top. Do not allow the mixture to boil or the sugar will burn.
Stir frequently until the mixture is smooth and even and then let it cool.
Wet the doilies with water and wring excess water out until damp.
Place and saturate doily in the sugar mixture one at a time.
Squeeze excess mixture out.
Place doily on balloon (make sure it isn't too wet or it will slide off of the balloon).
Slightly overlap doilies to form support
Hold balloon while doilies dry and slightly press down on aluminum foil (this will form a flat bottom for the eventual candle to sit on.
When doilies are completely dry, pop balloon and carefully peel it from doilies.
Place a small tea light candle on the flat bottomed surface.
Pat yourself on the back for you just created something beautiful!

Friday, December 9, 2011

28 Great Couple Poses: Study Up!

(And yes, I couldn't help put to add some of my own:)

(Just jump:)

Wedding Photography Tips

(yes, this is me and my fiance:)

1.      Bring friends to help with your bridals but make sure they aren’t a distraction. I brought my two best friends and some of the best pictures are the ones that they were making me laugh or smile in. My photographer and my girls made me feel beautiful as they complimented me and got excited about particularly great shots during my bridals.
Your girls can also be in charge of fly away control, dress adjustments, reapplication of lip gloss monitoring, necessary make up fixes etc.

2.   When your man starts to get tired and his smile starts drooping during your engagement shoot, tell him that after the shoot is done you are going to feed him his favorite meal. This will renew his energy, the smile will come back and you will get your full money’s worth in your engagement pictures. It’s magic.
3.   Bring a sheet. Would you rather dirty an old sheet or your beautiful wedding dress? Lay the sheet down over any potentially damaging surface, stand on it and then have your assistant or photographer fold it under your dress.

4.    Sorry girls but this next one is a must. Do your homework. I did lots of homework on photographers. If you are in the Rexburg area and needing pictures I am now going to save you that lots of homework. Tara Photographics is a gem. Her rates are a steal for the quality that she produces. I highly recommend her. She is full of energy, oober talented and makes you feel like a million bucks. Check out her blog at
Talk with different photographers and don’t just pick the price and talent but the personality. It makes a difference!
5.   If you are having your hair and makeup done, give yourself plenty of time and experiment with it beforehand. (Stay posted for a new post coming soon on different wedding day hair styles:)